Windshield Repair Service Near Morningside, MI

At Ray Laethem Collision in Detroit, MI, we know that windshield glass damages range from barely detectable to – you can’t see through the glass properly and your safety is at risk. Whenever you drive around Morningside, it comes with the possibility of cracks and chips on the windshield due to risky driving factors like driving behind a truck filled with gravel headed to a spring construction site. We are here at Ray Laethem Collision of Detroit to provide your damaged windshield with a much-needed windshield repair service.

Windshield Repairs at Ray Laethem Collision

Windshield repair service can restore minor glass damage if the damage meets certain criteria. If the damage is extensive and beyond repair, it will need to be replaced with brand new glass. No matter the extent of the damages, whether they are minor or major, gain peace of mind with a Ray Laethem Collision windshield repair service that restores the glass to its original contour and transparency.

Do I Need Windshield Repair or Replacement?

The best way to discern whether you’ll need repair or replacement is with an inspection by a professional bodywork expert. The criteria for windshield glass repair highlights the degree of damage. If specific traits define the damage, the windshield is perfect for repair. Here are the criteria that the damage must meet to qualify:

  • Damage is less than 6 inches
  • There are a total of three chips or less
  • The damage is not blocking a sensor or camera

When Windshield Replacement Is Necessary

Repair is for minor glass damage. If the chip or crack meets the above standards, it is perfect for repair; however, if the damages are more extensive, the windshield will need replacement service to restore safety. When the damages exceed the above standards, what you have is a visibility safety threat that must be corrected with a full replacement.

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Have you been driving around Morningside, MI with minor windshield glass damage? We offer windshield repair service at our collision center in Detroit, MI that’s only 5 minutes away! Ray Laethem Collision can do whatever it takes to restore your Windshield to peak visibility and safety at factory specifications. You don’t have to continue looking through chipped windshield glass trying to see the road while driving around Morningside, MI when the glass damage is easily corrected by scheduling service at Ray Laethem Collision of Detroit.

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