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Your vehicle isn’t just an important part of how you get around. It’s a fashion statement, a home away from home, a quiet place to sit, a place to store things and regroup. Your car or truck says a lot about who you are as a person. If there’s a huge dent in it, the message could be, “This person is reckless.” We don’t want that. That’s why the Ray Laethem Collision Center in Detroit, MI uses a specialized six-step process to minimize your stress after a collision and to restore your vehicle fully in the minimum amount of time.

Visiting Our Collision Center near St. Clair Shores, MI

Our mission is to get you and your vehicle back on the road with all the style and confidence you’re accustomed to. We work with all of the major auto insurance companies to ensure your work is done as quickly as possible with minimum delays. Not only that, but we also offer complimentary insurance claim negotiations- because when your car has just been defaced in a sudden collision- it can be pretty jarring.


With our unique six-step Back on the Road process, you drop off your car or truck and get your free estimate and insurance negotiation service. Then, you get a rental car to keep you on task and not miss a beat. Then we go over the results of your free estimate after you’ve had time to cool down. Then we kick things off with repair, paint, and polish work. Then we give your vehicle a full detailing, because- why not? Then, you pick up your refurbished vehicle, which will be looking better than ever- because that’s what we do. No other body shop and collision center take care of you and your car like Ray Laethem Collision Center in Detroit, MI. You might get your bumper banged out and repainted. They may even do a good job, but they won’t negotiate with your insurance as we do, there’s no guaranteed loaner, and certainly no detailing work. The question is, ‘why settle for that?’.

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Here at the Ray Laethem Collision Center in Detroit, MI, we’re not just here to bang out some bodywork. We know you and your car are a team- and that’s how you get treated. So come on down and see the difference. Call today for your free estimate.

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