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Nissan Collision Repair

About Nissan Collision Repairs in Detroit, MI

When you get into an accident, repairing your Nissan car can be a stressful time. Luckily many different full-service repair shops will gladly work with your insurance company to make the process as smooth as possible.

Repairing Your Windshield

Windshields on cars get chipped, develop cracks, or as rare as it maybe can be completely broken. Windshield replacement is a different topic altogether but can be done by a certified professional. More important for most people is windshield repair.


Windshield repair involves a hard process using specialized equipment to insert clear epoxy into the damaged area so the damage can’t spread. When the fix is properly conducted, the driver can’t tell the windshield was ever cracked and the structural stability of the glass is maintained.

Common Nissan Collision Repair Services

At Ray Laethem Collision Center, our highly skilled staff can help with many different Nissan repair needs and services.

  • Dent Repairs: dents can have many different causes ranging from difficult situations such as an auto accident or even mild inconveniences such as opening your door on a shopping cart. No matter what the cause we can help in repairing any dents to your car’s exterior.
  • Bumper And Fender Work: your car’s bumper and fenders are easily damaged during accidents and in the case of your bumper designed to be the first point of impact. We can easily restore these parts and your paint to manufacturer specifications.
  • Paint Repairs: repairing your car’s paint is an involved process that requires expert care. In addition to matching your car’s paint type and color, it has to be expertly applied. Our skilled technicians can easily match your car’s paint and apply it properly.
  • Windshield Repairs: cracked windshields can be caused by something as simple as a rock. A cracked windshield is not just unsightly, it’s dangerous. However, with our assistance, you can have your windshield replaced quickly and efficiently.
  • Weather Damage: weather damage can be an unavoidable part of automobile ownership, and events such as windstorms or hail can easily lead to damage requiring dent removal and new paint. With our expert care, we can restore your car to pre-damage conditions.

Why You Should Not Wait To Make Nissan Repairs

When your Nissan needs bodywork, it’s important to get that work done as soon as possible. Damage to your car’s body can greatly reduce its driving ability and also make its performance unpredictable. In addition to this, there is also the chance that by putting off repairs that you’ll make the damage worse than it was in the first place and need to make more extensive repairs in the future.

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The Best Nissan Collision Repair Centers near Detroit, MI

In Detroit, you have an assortment of repair shops to choose from for bodywork and automotive repair. When it comes to bodywork, a bad repair can reduce your car’s drivability and responsiveness. All our work is performed by certified technicians using the fastest in tools and facilities. We also care about your well-being, which is why we strive to make the repair process less stressful by offering towing service, complimentary repair estimates, and directly working with several major insurance companies. If you’ve been in an accident and need repairs, call us today.

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