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Ray Laethem Collision Center Mazda Collision Repairs

At Ray Laethem Collision Center, we are the experts in fixing your car. When you experience damage to your Mazda, then you need to take it to our shop. Our professional team can provide a range of different services that will get your vehicle back in shape. Don’t let your life slow down due to damage that might not even be your fault. We have been helping people with collision repair in our area for a long time, and many people have made us their go-to collision repair shop for their Mazda.

Paintless Dent Repair (PDR) in Detroit

If you live in Detroit, MI better known as the ” Motor City”, it’s very likely that you may have a greater appreciation for your automobile compared to most. Taking pride in your automobile by keeping it well maintained both in the inside and outside is a common pastime of many automobile enthusiasts. One of the most common ways that a vehicles’ appearance is ruined is by damage resulting from dents and dings. When this occurs, the metal panel of a vehicle will become stressed and stretched which could lead to further paint damage if it is improperly repaired or left unrepaired.

Why Choose PDR?

Because PDR can be used to treat several types of damage, including hail, there are several benefits to selecting this service:

  • Faster process than traditional dent repair
  • More cost-effective
  • More environmentally friendly

Windshield Repair

Auto body repairs like windshield repair are incredibly important. Even a small crack or chip in your windshield can worsen quickly. What starts out as a small crack can turn into a massive fissure across your windshield if you don’t act fast. No matter how the crack got there, you can trust our team to fix it. We will always opt for the most cost-effective option that’s guaranteed to work. It might be a chip repair kit, or we might have to replace your windshield.

Mazda Frame Straightening

If your car was in an accident, the frame of your car might be bent or tweaked. This leads to a slew of different problems and none of the results are good. If you want to get back to driving your Mazda, you’ll need to come to Ray Laethem Collision Center. We have professionals on our team that know best how to straighten your Mazda vehicle’s frame. We are one of the few Mazda body shops in Detroit that can handle such an intense and difficult project like this. It’s definitely not easy and it requires a lot of knowledge and experience. Don’t waste your time or money with the other guys, take your car to us.

Mazda Dent Repair

When you have a dent, let us fix it for you. It doesn’t matter how you got the dent or whether or not paint was taken off, we will be able to repair your vehicle and restore it. If the dent is missing paint, then your car will rust in this area over time. When we fix the dent and repaint the area, we’ll prevent rust and stop future problems from arising.

Certified Mazda Service from Ray Laethem Collision Center

We offer certified service in the area. That means that our professionals have been vetted and taught by experts on how to repair different parts of your Mazda. We have what it takes. We use OEM Mazda and Mazda certified parts to ensure that you get the best results when you choose us.

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