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Ray Laethem Lexus Collision Repair

Lexus Collision Repairs at Ray Laethem Collision Center

When you get in an accident, the last thing you need is more stress. You already have to report it to insurance, get the other driver’s information, and go through the process of working on a claim; why add more difficulty? At Ray Laethem Collision Center, we’re here to remove the stress of collision repair from your shoulders. From our rental cars and 24-hour tow service to our on-site insurance experts, we pull out all the stops to make your Lexus collision repair stress-free.


Repairing Your Windshield

Windshields on cars get chipped, develop cracks, or as rare as it maybe can be completely broken. Windshield replacement is a different topic altogether but can be done by a certified professional. More important for most people is windshield repair.


Windshield repair involves a hard process using specialized equipment to insert clear epoxy into the damaged area so the damage can’t spread. When the fix is properly conducted, the driver can’t tell the windshield was ever cracked and the structural stability of the glass is maintained.

A Lexus Deserves Quality Repair

You bought a Lexus, which means you value quality. You deserve to keep that quality intact, even after a collision. Our certified technicians have been trained so they know your Lexus from top to bottom, front to back. They use genuine OEM parts from Lexus to replace anything that needs it, guaranteeing that your car will still perform up to the standards of a Lexus after the repair. Our state-of-the-art tools and equipment allow us to work precisely with your car’s problems and make them go away as fast as possible. Let our Lexus experts take care of your car!


Our Six-Step Process for Collision Repair

From the moment you arrive with your car, we make your repair easy for you. After taking your car, we provide a rental car for you, and then you drive away knowing we’ll take care of your car. We then put together a free estimate for you and your insurance, and we work directly with the insurance to make sure that you’re covered in all the ways you need to be. We then repair, paint, and polish the car, give it a complimentary detailing for good measure, then you get your Lexus back looking like the day it was made.


Our Insurance Experts Give You the Help You Need

Insurance is a murky world where there are so many rules and papers that control everything. To combat this, we have on-site insurance claim adjusters who work with insurance companies to figure out exactly what needs to be done for your collision repair. We’re also an approved Direct Repair Facility with most major insurances, so we already meet their standards for covering your collision repair. We take the stress out of collision repair, even with insurance!


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Get Your Lexus Repaired at Ray Laethem Collision Center

We know you want your Lexus treated right, and we’re ready and available to provide that treatment. Our certified technicians use OEM parts to take your repair to the highest tier of quality, and our detailing and aesthetic repairs are done to make your car look like new. Come on down or set up an appointment today, and we’ll show you just how easy collision repair can be.

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We at Ray Laethem of Detroit are here to support you no matter the situation. Whether you were recently in an accident or just need an oil change we are at your service.