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Like a tiny black spot on a pure white sheet, even the smallest scratch or dent becomes the only thing you see on your vehicle. The good news is that your vehicle can be repaired to as good as new condition. There are four basic types of auto paint damage, and each has its own special repair protocols.

Simple Scrapes and Scratches

This type of damage has not dented or deformed the body structure. No parts will have to be replaced and a competent Auto Body Shop will make your car as good as new. These are the types of scratches that happen in parking lots, or even parking in the street if someone scuffs your bumper. Even with a little scratch, the process is not so simple.

First, the scratch has to be filled with a glazing compound. Then sanded smooth. The hardest part is matching the color. Newer cars and trucks have codes for the color formula, so your shop will be able to create a perfect match. The paint is applied with a spray gun, and a clear coat is applied if your vehicle has a 2 stage paint coating, then when dry, the area is buffed to a high gloss.

Paintless Dent Repair (PDR) in Detroit

If you live in Detroit, MI better known as the ” Motor City”, it’s very likely that you may have a greater appreciation for your automobile compared to most. Taking pride in your automobile by keeping it well maintained both in the inside and outside is a common pastime of many automobile enthusiasts. One of the most common ways that a vehicles’ appearance is ruined is by damage resulting from dents and dings. When this occurs, the metal panel of a vehicle will become stressed and stretched which could lead to further paint damage if it is improperly repaired or left unrepaired.

Why Choose PDR?

Because PDR can be used to treat several types of damage, including hail, there are several benefits to selecting this service:

  • Faster process than traditional dent repair
  • More cost-effective
  • More environmentally friendly

Body Accident Damage

This gets more complicated. If you just have a small “Soft” dent, where the paint is not damaged and the metal is not creased, Paintless Dent Repair may be possible. In This case, the damage is gently massaged out using specialized tools. Unfortunately, it is often necessary to repair or replace a damaged body panel.

It is important to be sure that your repair shop use identical factory parts to ensure a good fit, and a perfect job when done. Some body panels cannot be simply unbolted and replaced, and in these cases, the damage must be cut away and a replacement part welded in. This is a highly skilled process and if not done correctly the repair will never look “Like New”. Choose your repair shop carefully.

Faded or Sun Blistered Paint

Sometimes, just sitting outside in the weather can damage your vehicle’s paint. If the damage is just a slight dulling of the finish, a careful detailing job may restore your finish. The keyword is “Careful”. Some detailers use heavy-duty polishers and compounds, but what this often does is just burn off the top layer of paint. Also, heavy buffing can also burn through sharp door edges, exposing bare metal. Again, choose your repair shop carefully. If the paint is badly faded or blistered, there may be no option other than to repaint the entire car. Expect to pay $1500 to $2500 minimum for a professional repaint.

Rust Damage

Rust damage is probably the worst type of paint repair because often the damage to the body metal is deeper than meets the eye at first glance. Rust damage can be repaired with plastic filling compounds, but your shop needs to look beyond the obvious to make sure there is not any deeper, hidden damage.

What to Expect when you Pick Up Your Car

Most newer cars less than 5 years old can be repaired to look as good as they did when they left the showroom. Garage kept cars can be older and still have the same result. The problem with paint is that as a vehicle is exposed to the outside elements, the original paint will fade, and this makes matching difficult. Again, choose your repair shop carefully. A skilled paint man or woman can match even faded paint to achieve good results.

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